So this happened… I got my HOLY GRAIL BAG of all bags — Hermes Birkin. And guess what, I did it MY WAY.

If you google “how to buy a Birkin bag”, you will see endless articles and videos about people discussing their “Hermes Journey” — some get really lucky while others can get blacklisted from their local stores for asking for their bag way too much or too often. I get it. SAs don’t like to be pestered all the time about the same bags by so many customers day in and day out.

I truly appreciate heritage brands…

If you are a bag aficionado and an avid collector like myself, you have THE Holy Grail Bag on your wishlist. You know what I’m talking about… if not, this is probably not the article for you.

Disclaimer: Everyone has different tastes, priorities and ways they spend and invest their money. This is my own experience and what I like. If this isn’t for you, please kindly stop reading.

All right, so here’s the deal: the more I studied the history behind the world’s top luxury brands, the more I came to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of luxury handbags. Yes…

Why I buy designer bags, in essence…

What is the first thing you notice about a woman? Some say it’s their hair. Others say it’s their shoes. For me, the very first thing I look at is her handbag. Sometimes I look at the shoes after I see something fabulous to appreciate their taste. My eyes immediately go to their bags because I’m a handbag connoisseur, addict, whatever you would like to call it.

Now, I look at women’s bags because I love to see how they carry their bags and what message they want to share with the world…


Let’s admit it. If you are a luxury lover like myself, you have an ongoing wish list of designer bags, shoes, etc., and saving up to buy your next item. We can talk about so many different luxury items, but I want to focus on designer bags here.

(disclaimer: I know this is a first world problem, and there are much more important things in life to be concerned about. However, if you are reading this, that means you are looking to distract yourself from all the craziness in the world and thinking of beautiful, luxury items to make your…

Let’s talk about Hermes, shall we?!

What do you think about when you hear Hermes? I bet 90% of you will think: Birkin. The elusive, impossible-to-get Birkin. And the other 10% might be saying: duh, a scarf! The classic, beautiful Hermes scarf that dresses up any outfit (I am addicted! I started my collection and cannot seem to stop!). How French! All you need is a little black dress and you dress it up with a fabulous, colorful Hermes scarf, and voila, you are chic!

I have to admit. I am a Chanel girl all the way. I love that…

I’ve been thinking a lot about needs vs wants during the pandemic we are experiencing. (Disclaimer: I know this may come off as a first world problem and that people have a lot of “Real” problems/ issues. This is not meant to downplay the hardships people face or what’s going on but rather my thoughts on the luxury goods and my passion)

Now, I know that buying luxury goods is a luxury in itself, but I do find that there are certain patterns and business practices that I am not sure would work during a pandemic or during an economic…

Minimalism. What do you think about when you hear that word? A hippie or hipster living in a tiny house? Someone with no furniture in their house? Marie Kondo and the KonMari method?

I used to have preconceived notions about what minimalism is and guess what, people define minimalism differently. I’m sure some of you have seen that documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (available on Netflix), and have strong opinions. Whether you agree or not, I believe you have to define and practice minimalism in your own way.

I will be honest with you. I do not…

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”- Coco Chanel -

Minimalism. Ok so I am not going to talk about extreme minimalism here. I like nice things, ok? So let’s keep this real.

If you met me five years ago, you would have seen big hoop earrings, leopard print shirts and all kinds of colors on my outfits (I grew up in LA…lol). Once I hit my 30s though, I began to realize that all the trendy pieces were exhausting to shop for. …

What Does Success Mean to You? What About for Others?

Success means different things to different people.

“Successful” to one person may mean lifting themselves out of poverty.

To another, it may mean working for a Fortune 500 company.

And for some, it may mean having their own company/business and being their own boss.

Or perhaps “success” means having a purpose or being happy regardless of money and status.

People define success differently. It may be about financial success or prestige. Or it may be about having a purpose or happiness. Just because someone aims to be an executive in…

Change is scary. Change is hard. But gosh darn it, it is SO WORTH IT.

Let me share my story of how I managed to move across the country and made a big leap into Silicon Valley.

(I am going to spare you the details of my legal marketing days and briefly summarize here…) I spent the first 10 years of my career in professional services industry, mostly in legal marketing and business development. That meant I served as a corporate strategy advisor to the law firm partners to grow their books of business, finding ways to cross-sell expertise across…

Angela S. Hwang

World Traveler. Marketing & Business Strategy Professional working in Silicon Valley. M.B.A. Fashion Enthusiast. Luxury meets minimalism.

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